Piggybank report 2023

Just a very short update: We’ve finished setting up all our accounting with our new governance structure. From now on, you’ll find up-to-date finance information on our money page, updated roughly monthly.

The tl;dr for the first report is: we’re doing very well – looking at February, we received just over €1k in donations, and spent around €400 on servers and banking. We have a bit over €10k in our bank account, so we’re set for two years in advance. Thank you, all of you <3

And just to preempt some questions: Don’t be confused about the weird first two months. December and January were the setup months, where we didn’t pay the full server costs from our account yet, and also transferred the remaining donations and received a lot of initial donations. (Without even asking for them. Y’all are very generous!).

We’ll continue to tweak the report a bit in the future; and of course we have other expenses like domain costs and taxes coming up, so we’ll see how this goes!