Money runs entirely on donations to e.V.. We’ll begin publishing regular financial reports in 2023.

How to donate

There are three ways of sending us money. In order of preference:

  1. Bank transfers are hands-down the best way to send us money. Even better: do it as a standing order – having a somewhat regular income is what lets us sleep at night.
    Account holder: e.V.
    IBAN: DE64830654080005279186
    In a perfect world, we’d ask for standing orders with quarterly or lower frequencies, since anything past the 50th transaction every month starts costing us money.
  2. PayPal also works. PayPal does take a cut, but that’s fine, and it’s more accessible from outside the EU.
  3. If you absolutely have to, you can also use liberapay – but we’d prefer the other ways.
    It’s very hard for us to budget in any meaningful way with the way Liberapay handles donations, plus they are then sent via Stripe, which also takes a generous cut. Still better than nothing, but … not great.


Coming soon, once our accounting is up and running.