Small collection of our posts, talks, podcasts etc. Much of this is in German (and marked as such).


In a report (2023, de) on the effort it takes to run a Mastodon instance, rixx shared his experiences.

Leah gave an interview with Heise/c’t (2023, de) about how we run, including tips for people looking to run their own instance.

In Scaling the Mastodon (2022), Leah talks about hardware and software requirements of a growing Mastodon instance over the course of 5-6 years. She gives detailed stats for our servers and configs. Written for a technical audience.

Leah and Danimo were invited to (2022, de) to discuss the Fediverse and the German media environment.

In On Running a Mastodon Instance (2021), rixx collects the good and bad aspects of running an instance, with a particular eye to moderation and social conflicts. Written for aspiring admins and people interested in understanding community moderation.

Early on, Netzpolitik published an interview (2017, de) with rixx commenting that the initial phase of Mastodon was over.


rixx joined the Deutschlandfunk Marktplatz episode (2022, de) discussing Mastodon for a short bit starting at ~21:00.

Leah talked to Bildung, Zukunft, Technik (2022, de), and talked in detail – 90 minutes! - about how we run

In she likes tech (2022, de), Leah talks to NDR about our instance, the Fediverse in general, and differences and commonalities in the face of the recent Twitter acquisition.

In All Features Welcome (2022, de), Leah shares our experiences in running a not-small-anymore instance, and especially what changed over the course of the years.

Both Leah and rixx were invited to Chaosradio in their episode “Decentralize the web” (2018, de), and talked about the basics, and the experiences and hopes in their first year of running a Mastodon instance.


On tagesschau (2022, de), Leah talked to the online edition of the German national TV news about the future of the Fediverse.

On #heiseshow (2022, de), Leah and rixx talked about their experiences running, their views on the Fediverse, and how the recent Musk Twitter acquisition has shaped the past months.

In Dezentrale soziale Netzwerke – Theorie und Praxis (2018, de), rixx gives an overview over the structure and development of the Fediverse, the advantages and drawbacks of Mastodon, and how has been doing.

Shortly after opening, rixx presents the instance and the Fediverse in general in Mammut statt Vogel (2017, de).