Where there is open communication, there is spam, trolls, harassment and worse. For this reason, there are instances that we do not federate with, or that we federate with in a limited fashion (e.g. by marking all their media as sensitive).

The following list of Fediverse instances we block is purely descriptive and informative, to document blocked instances for users of chaos.social. It is very much not intended as a block list, recommendation or template for other instances.

If you think an instance has been unfairly blocked, please contact us @ordnung or via email at contact@. (Note that if you are on one of these blocked instances, you will have to write an email, as messages won’t go through anymore.)

Instances that don’t exist anymore are removed periodically.

Silenced and blocked users

We do not make moderation decisions on individual users public – we’ll write more about our reasons in our moderation guidelines at a later point. The tl;dr is that listing suspended or silenced users invites terrible behaviour on all sides. By blocking a user, we intend to stop them from harming our users or our instance, we do not need to incite others to harass them, or them to start a crusade against us.

Silenced instances

Silenced instances don’t appear in the Federated timeline, but their accounts can still be seen, e.g. by searching for them, by interacting with them in conversations, or by following them.

Instance Reason
mastodon.top Spam

Blocked instances

Instance blocks have developed something of a jargon over the course of the years. Most things should be understandable. The least intuitive one is probably the “free speech zone”. Instances announcing themselves like that usually mean that they are unwilling to moderate content at all, including things like Nazi propaganda, harassment or sometimes even pedophilia in the name of free speech.

Instance Reason
activitypub-proxy.cf Only exists to evade instance blocks, details
activitypub-troll.cf Spam
aethy.com Lolicon
bae.st Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
baraag.net Lolicon
banepo.st Homophobia
beefyboys.club Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
beefyboys.win Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
beta.birdsite.live Twitter crossposter
beta.mstdn.cf Twitter crossposter
birb.elfenban.de Twitter crossposter
birb.stream Twitter crossposter
bird.evilcyberhacker.net Twitter crossposter
bird.froth.zone Twitter crossposter
bird.geiger.ee Twitter crossposter
bird.im-in.space Twitter crossposter
bird.istheguy.com Twitter crossposter
bird.karatek.net Twitter crossposter
bird.makeup Twitter crossposter
bird.nzbr.de Twitter crossposter
bird.r669.live Twitter crossposter
bird.seafoam.space Twitter crossposter
birdbots.leptonics.com Twitter crossposter
birdsite.b93.dece.space Twitter crossposter
birdsite.blazelights.dev Twitter crossposter
birdsite.frog.fashion Twitter crossposter
birdsite.gabeappleton.me Twitter crossposter
birdsite.james.moody.name Twitter crossposter
birdsite.koyu.space Twitter crossposter
birdsite.lakedrops.com Twitter crossposter
birdsite.link Twitter crossposter
birdsite.monster Twitter crossposter
birdsite.oliviaappleton.com Twitter crossposter
birdsite.platypush.tech Twitter crossposter
birdsite.slashdev.space Twitter crossposter
birdsite.tcjc.uk Twitter crossposter
birdsite.thorlaksson.com Twitter crossposter
birdsite.toot.si Twitter crossposter
birdsite.wilde.cloud Twitter crossposter
birdsitelive.ffvo.dev Twitter crossposter
birdsitelive.kevinyank.com Twitter crossposter
birdsitelive.peanutlasko.com Twitter crossposter
birdsitelive.treffler.cloud Twitter crossposter
boks.moe Harassment
bridge.birb.space Twitter crossposter
bridge.yopp.me Twitter crossposter
brighteon.social “free speech zone”
bsite.spiderden.net Twitter crossposter
cawfee.club Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
childpawn.shop Pedophilia
chudbuds.lol Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
club.darknight-coffee.eu “free speech zone”
clubcyberia.co Homophobia
clube.social Harassment
comfyboy.club Discrimination, racism
cum.camp Harassment
cum.salon Misogynic, pedophilia
daishouri.moe Fascism, openly advertises with swastika
detroitriotcity.com Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
eientei.org Racism, antisemitism
eveningzoo.club Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
f.haeder.net Discrimination
freak.university Pedophilia
freeatlantis.com Conspiracy theory instance
freecumextremist.com Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
freefedifollowers.ga Follower spam
freespeechextremist.com Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
frennet.link Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
froth.zone Calls freespeechextremist their local bubble
gab.com/.ai, develop.gab.com Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
gameliberty.club “free speech zone”
gateway.occm.cc Twitter crossposter
gegenstimme.tv “free speech zone”
genderheretics.xyz Tagline “Now With 41% More Misgendering!”
gitmo.life “free speech zone”
gleasonator.com Transphobia, TERFs
glindr.org Discrimination
glowers.club Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
honkwerx.tech Racism
iamterminally.online Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
iddqd.social Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
itmslaves.com “free speech zone”, noagenda affiliated
jaeger.website Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
kenfm.quadplay.tv Conspiracy videos
kiwifarms.cc Discrimination
lgbtfree.zone Racism, transphobia, all that
liberdon.com Conspiracy theories, transphobia, racism
libre.tube Promotion of violence and murder, multiple other violations of our rules
lolicon.rocks Lolicon
lolison.top Lolicon, paedophilia
mastinator.com Block evasion, unwanted profile mirroring, and more
mastodon.network Instance went down, now porn spam
mastodon.popps.org Homophobia
mastodong.lol Admin maintains and runs activitypub-proxy.cf
meta-tube.de Conspiracy, CoVid19 denier videos https://fediblock.org/blocklist/#meta-tube.de
midnightride.rs Discrimination
misskey-forkbomb.cf Spam
morale.ch Antisemitism and more
mostr.pub Lack of modertion, scammers
mstdn.foxfam.club Right wing twitter mirror
myxoz.port0.org Spam
natehiggers.online Racism
newjack.city Exclusive to unwanted follow bots
nicecrew.digital Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
nnia.space Pedophilia
noagendasocial.com “free speech zone”, harassment
noagendasocial.nl “free speech zone”, harassment
noagendatube.com “free speech zone”, harassment
norwoodzero.net Transphobia, bullying
ns.auction Racism etc
ohai.su Offline
pawoo.net Untagged nfsw content, unwanted follow bots, lolicon
paypig.org Racism
pedo.school Pedophilia
pkteerium.xyz Discrimination, “free speech zone”
pieville.net Racism, antisemitism
pl.serialmay.link Racism, transphobia
pl.tkammer.de Transphobia
play.xmr.101010.pl Cryptomining
pleroma.kitsunemimi.club Discrimination
pleroma.narrativerry.xyz Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
pleroma.nobodyhasthe.biz Doxxing and discrimination
pleroma.rareome.ga Doesn’t respect blocks or status privacy, lolicons
poa.st Discrimination
podcastindex.social noagenda affiliated
poster.place Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”, harassment in response to blocks
qoto.org “free speech zone”, harassment
rapemeat.solutions Lolicon and also, like, the domain name
rdrama.cc Discrimination, “free speech zone”, racism
repl.co Spam
rojogato.com Harassment, “free speech zone”
ryona.agency Alt-right trolls, harassment
seal.cafe Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
shitpost.cloud “Free speech zone”, antisemitism
shitposter.club “Free speech zone”
shortstackran.ch Racism, homophobia, “free speech zone”
shota.house Lolicon
skippers-bin.com Same admin as neckbeard.xyz, same behaviour
sleepy.cafe Racism, harassment
sneak.berlin privacy violation
sneed.social Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”, nationalism, hate speech, completely unmoderated
soc.ua-fediland.de Spam
social.ancreport.com Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
social.lovingexpressions.net Transphobia
social.teci.world Discrimination, racism, “free speech zone”
social.urspringer.de Conspiracy, CoVid19 denier
socnet.supes.com Right wing “free speech zone”
solagg.com Scammers
spinster.xyz Discrimination, TERFs
tastingtraffic.net Homophobia
threads.net Transphobia, lack of moderation, cf
truthsocial.co.in Alt-right trolls
tube.kenfm.de Right-wing conspiracy videos
tube.querdenken-711.de Right-wing onspiracy videos
tweet.pasture.moe Twitter crossposter
tweetbridge.kogasa.de Twitter crossposter
tweets.icu Twitter crossposter
twitter.activitypub.actor Twitter crossposter
twitter.doesnotexist.club Twitter crossposter
twitter.piriklub.eu Twitter crossposter
twitterbridge.jannis.rocks Twitter crossposter
twtr.plus Twitter crossposter
varishangout.net Transphobia and racism go unmoderated, aggressive trolling, lolicon permitted in rules
wiki-tube.de Right-wing conspiracy videos (initial video welcomes Querdenken and KenFM)
wolfgirl.bar Discrimination, homophobia, unmoderated trolling
yggdrasil.social Instance rules: “No LGBTQ. Period. No homosexuality. No men who think they’re women or women who think they’re men. No made up genders.”
youjo.love Lolicon, direct link to pedo.school